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Frequently Asked Questions

In order to assist our customers we have put together some of the most common questions that we been asked before, regarding many aspects of renovations and remodeling.

Please see the list below and if your question is not on the list. As always you contact us directly and discuss any concerns or other related questions that you may have. Additionally, you can email, text us or stop by our office and we are happy to help. 



Permits play a big role in the construction and remodeling business. It’s very important to get a permit for major renovations or new build outs. There are some small renovations that you do not need to get a permit, however, be aware that even without the requirement of a permit, sometimes there may be setbacks and other zoning requirements that may still apply. Therefore, before you build make sure you get a permit. 

  • Lack of a permit may attract fines as well as remediation from the county
  • Discuss the permit with your contractor as both of you are protected by having it
  • Whoever pulls the permit will be responsible for carrying out its requirements
  • Yes, permits must be obtained in order to build or to make  large renovation.  Such as basements, kitchens and bathrooms.

Most contractors or architects can obtain the necessary permits for your new construction or remodel project. We do take care of all of the required permits for our clients. 

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All of the projects are different.  But we begin by making an appointment and seeing the project. Since all of the projects are different we coordinate with the client how we will manage the project. For instance if the client needs to meet with the architect or designer we coordinate everything. Once we have an idea of what the project entails, we send written estimate. Once the client and agree on terms we coordinate on a date that the project will begin. 

There are many variables to each project, therefore, every project is different and we approach it with its unique need. 

If you know what materials you want to install, you can buy them directly. You can have them delivered to your home.

We can also provide a list of vendors that we work with, and we can make an appointment with them or you can do it at your own time. 


The walk through is an opportunity for you to go over the project with our project manager and check the entire work that has been done. 

In the final walk through we check all of the items and we go over the entire project. Once you check everything, we check with you and we give you a complete sign up sheet for you to sign. 

Of course, if there is something that we have missed during final walk through, we will be happy to come back and take care of it. 


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other Questions

At this time, we do not offer finance. However, we take many forms of payment including: check, credit card, Venmo, Zelle, apple pay, cash app, Paypal an others. 

 We need you to be home the first day when we begin work so you can meet our team. After that you can be out of your home and we will take care of the rest. 

We are a complete home remodeling company. 

Our services are: Interior and exterior painting.

Floor installation, carpet installation, LVP installation, tile installation, hardwood installation.

Electrical work, recess lights installation, outlet installation, fan installation and everything related to electrical work. 

Drywall repair and installation. 

Bathroom remodeling, kitchen remodeling, basement remodeling, shed building and repairs and everything related to home and business remodeling. 

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