Kitchen remodeling

This is a complete kitchen remodeling job that was done in Fairfax, VA. Take a look at the work we did! 

Home remodeling

This home remodeling was done in Fairfax Station. We removed walls, redesign the layout, installed new drywall, new floors, new baseboards, neww cabinetry, new doors. new lights, new paint. a complete remodel. 

Bathroom Remodeling

This bathroom was remodeled in Centreville, VA. We opened the space and added new spaces in order to enlarge the bathroom space and maximize usage. This was a complete remodeling job!

Floor Installation

In this house, we worked with client to install new hardwood floor through out the house. We had to level and reinforce floors as they were uneven and damaged. We worked with our client to ensure the floor color and the paint will match so they can coordinate. 

Interior Painting

Here we have added some of the pictures of projects that we have worked on.  

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